What To Expect

Throughout the mediation process, I create a non-adversarial environment and guide a forward-moving conversation in which you are encouraged to get at the root of the problem and find solutions that work for both sides.

Mediation can happen prior to or simultaneously with legal proceedings. In family cases, I can work with local attorneys who can advise you of your rights prior to our session and complete paperwork afterward, if need be. These optional arrangements give you what you need from start to finish at a cost much more affordable than traditional cases.

Typical Process During a Mediation Session

  • Introduction and briefly explain the process to those in attendance
  • Parties each have uninterrupted time to explain what brought them to the session and (sometimes more importantly) what they hope to accomplish
  • An agenda is created making note of topics brought up by parties
  • Parties negotiate directly with my help--I clarify points/ask questions as needed
  • Private conversations may occur if necessary for forward progress
  • Agreements reached and Settlement documents written

During the process, I play a pivotal role in directing the conversation and helping to avoid “circular” conversations that lead to frustrations and hurt. I work hard to aide parties in thinking about the future (such as what a working relationship could look like, how one would like to structure a family after dissolution, or a constructive way to continue communication without harming either party). As a neutral mediator, I'm here to facilitate discussion in a way that helps you express yourself as fully as possible without advocating for one side over the other. Neutrality and objectivity are key!

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