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I'm always thankful for the kind words my clients and associates say about my abilities to help individuals and groups find resolution. 

"She is very good at putting parties at ease and identifying underlying conflicts...I would recommend her to anyone with seemingly insurmountable differences."  -James E., Seattle    

We really do want to thank you for all of your help. This has been over 4 years of fighting and to finally have it over is going to take some getting used to. We figure time will tell if we ultimately did the right thing but we are hopeful that this has all been for the best. I am hopeful that we can all start to move on a heal from this long bout of tension.  -Diana S., Redmond

I just wanted to thank you again for everything you do for our center.  Specifically I wanted to congratulate you for your amazing accomplishment...it has all added up to making such a positive difference in our clients' lives ...it really is an exclusive group of individuals that make this level of contribution.  Director, Dispute Resolution Center, Everett, WA

Interpersonal problems that had built up over a 3-year period threatened to kill the company.  Vivian met with the individuals involved, overcame some resistance and trepidation on the part of a few individuals, and led us to a resolution of the problems.  We are very grateful for her guidance.-- S.M.

"After attempting to deal with deep issues on our own, my business partner and I engaged in mediation with Vivian.  Her guidance gave me the strength to discuss my concerns and problems in a respectful and calm manner.  Without her services, I believe the conflict between us would have been impossible to address in such a clear-headed manner."  -Rachel M., Seattle

Thank you for helping us figure out what the real issues are.  We've been spinning our wheels for months and you really got us through a rough spot.  We needed to complete a parenting plan modification and it was just taking too long.  Everyone should try this!  -Patrick D., Bothell

I finally felt like a participant in my own conflict.  It was good to recognize my own issues so that I could be better at collaborating on an answer.  -Dave R., Redmond

You were very professional, even though the two of us weren't always.  Thank you for giving it your all and helping us figure out what to do.  -Dee W., Everett

Thank you...we couldn't have done it without you. It was well worth it and doing the homework prior really helped. -T&J

I can’t thank you enough...  I am feeling more and more like the person who took this position almost 4 years ago. I can’t believe the difference and the lightness I feel.  You are what the world needs right now. Thank you for showing up.  -S.

Contact:  mediationservice@comcast.net or 206-369-8518