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Workplace/Organizational Mediation:

The high cost of workplace conflict is driving smart companies to use mediation as a means to solve problems before they get out of hand.  Managing difficult workplace behavior can be stressful to the entire organization, not just those directly involved.  My approach touches on events to date but primarily focuses on developing working relationships for the present and beyond.  

Family Law Cases:

More and more couples are being directed to mediation to alleviate some of the time-consuming and expensive steps involved in asset division or parenting plan preparation.  Even a modification of an existing parenting plan can take away from needed resources. 

In the current economy professional services need to be targeted, affordable, and responsive to your needs. The depth of my family mediation experience certainly makes room for the emotion, needs, and cost considerations.

Foreclosure/Real Estate/Landlord-Tenant Issues:

Lender, real estate, construction, and landlord/tenant dispute resolution are emerging specialties within the field of mediation, and rightfully so.  The high costs of litigation are driving companies, landlords, and tenants to use mediation as a means to mitigate time-consuming and cumbersome approaches that end up on a court calendar months down the road.  My approach can help you resolve a situation before it creates additional struggles.

Civil Litigation/Business:

You're smart, you work hard, and yet you find yourself in a frustrating situation that just can't seem to resolve itself.  Both parties are willing to "do something" but they're just not sure what that "something" should be.  Neither side wants the expense or trouble involved in creating (or continuing) a court case.  Mediation is a great alternative to dragging your business through the distraction of an ongoing dispute with business partners, vendors, or customers.  I bring neutrality, confidentiality, and professionalism.

Conflict Coaching:

It's not easy knowing when, how, and with whom to address conflict.  Individual coaching can be done in concert with mediation services or strictly as an ad hoc service.  I can help you build and implement a strategy for dealing with difficult situations that fits your unique circumstances--confidentially, of course.

Contact:   mediationservice@comcast.net or 206-369-8518