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Washington State passed House Bill 1362 in April of 2011 which establishes foreclosure mediation for borrowers referred by housing counselors or attorneys.  I have been an Approved Mediator with the Department of Commerce since 2011.


Rather than continuing to fight with a neighbor, consider sitting down and discussing the matter with a trained mediator.  I can help you share your point of view and work on solutions that work for everyone.


Unpaid rent, damage deposit disagreements, or repairs can all be tough topics to negotiate.  And, involving the courts can drag things out or create disappointment.  Even if you "win" it may take a very long time to collect. Mediation is a great way to resolve issues quicker than traditional legal avenues.


When both parties are willing to "do something" but they're just not sure what that "something" should be, mediation can help--especially when neither side wants the expense or trouble involved in creating (or continuing) a court case.  Mediation is a great alternative to dragging your business through the distraction of an ongoing dispute with business partners, vendors, or customers.  I promise neutrality, confidentiality, and professionalism.

Contact:  mediationservice@comcast.net or 206-369-8518