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When it comes to resolving conflict in the workplace, I wrote the book!

The high cost of workplace conflict is driving smart companies to use mediation as a means to solve problems before they get out of hand.  Managing difficult workplace behavior can be stressful to the entire organization, not just those directly involved.  My approach touches on events to date, develops working relationships for the present and beyond, and moves individuals towards conflict competency.

Why consider mediation as a way to resolve problems on the job?

  • 100% of the cases filed with the EEOC began as workplace conflicts
  • Unresolved conflict is the most over-looked way to reduce costs
  • 70% of employees see managing conflict as critical leadership skill

.Why consider an independent mediator instead of in-house personnel?

  • If anyone considers a facilitator partial or biased, the process is compromised
  • Mediation expertise has a better chance of resolving issues early on
  • Employees tend to be more accepting of neutral coaching and insight

In addition to workplace mediations I can:

  • Conduct conflict skills training and seminars
  • Coach and mentor employees, staff, or management
  • Identify areas of conflict and the direct cost to your organization

Individual coaching can be done in concert with mediation services or strictly as an ad hoc service.  I can help you build and implement a strategy for dealing with difficult situations that fits your unique circumstances--confidentially, of course.

Contact: mediationservice@comcast.net or 206-369-8518