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What to Expect
  • Divorce:  Newly separated, ready to finalize, or anywhere in between
  • Parenting Plans:  New or modifications

Understanding the law in Washington State gives you a good place from which to start. Then, you can start to craft proposals that will work for your family -- regardless of what most people do.  Be sure to get good advice from an attorney or check with the family law court facilitator for additional information.  I value their expertise!

The critical ingredient clients need in the midst of a divorce or rebuilding a parenting plan is constructive communication and that can be difficult if the only people communicating are lawyers. The court system can be uncomfortable with emotion and that’s problematic when you're facing one of the most emotional situations of your life.

My mediation skills allow you to rejoin the conversation in a system that assumes parties are unable to resolve issues on their own.  My approach helps both sides focus on the needs of everyone involved today and aids in determining how those needs might translate into the future.  

In the current economy professional services need to be targeted, affordable, and responsive to your needs. The depth of my family mediation experience certainly makes room for the emotion, needs, and cost considerations.

  • Elder Mediation
  • Parent/Teen Issues

How do you have a discussion with a parent about the next chapter in his/her life?  It's not easy taking on a new role and it can be especially difficult if your adult siblings have different perspectives about what the family should do.

Similarly, dealing with teenagers can be one of the most stressful things you'll ever face. Arguing, power struggles, and respect issues are not uncommon topics discussed in a parent/teen mediation.

No matter the emotional climate, I can use my mediation expertise to help your family discuss and resolve issues that are important to you. 

Contact: mediationservice@comcast.net or 206-369-8518